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Survivor: Idol Wars started on June 15th, 2012. This season brought back 14 previous castaways to face off against 7 new castaways. This season featured 11 different types of immunity idol and ...

This season was preceeded by Survivor: Past & Present and followed by Survivor: Mearl Islands.

Tribes & Castaways

This season featured 21 players but would only start with 2 tribes of 10. The season started off with a challenge to determine tribes (and idol selection order) and in the end WrightNacho was left without a tribe. After the first immunity challenge WrightNacho would join the losing tribe at tribal council where 2 people would be voted out.

Original Tribes:

Lunastia Chamorro
Rumtin Bingo21
LoganWorm JetteJ
Epstar59 SplozoJames50
DBWs Sdriver999
Prozach Amf7410
Mmar Glinda
Boomske123 Zbase4
BBlover96 Ireks
Lukonia SkillzDatKillz
WrightNacho 1

Note: Chipotledude (S1) and LindsayP (Rookie) were originally casted but after failing to turn in the first challenge they were replaced by Glinda and Boomske123, respectively.

1 WrightNacho, who was originally not picked for a tribe, joined the Lunastia tribe after they lost the first Immunity Challenge. The Lunastia tribe was required to vote out two members at their first tribal council.


This season started off with 10 different idols that each player would have to rank in the order in which they wanted. After the tribes were divided the idols were given out based on the challenge scores, so that there was 1 of each idol at each camp. WrightNacho, who was not picked for a tribe, got an idol that was different then any of those that people bid on, whose power was kept a secret. Gaiaphage won the White Idol in Episode 4 at the Tribal Auction. The idols were color coded as to hide their power (only the original holder was told of their power)

Idol Power Color Original Holder/ Episode Played
Hidden Immunity Idol This idol voids all votes cast against a player at Tribal Council. Purple/? Bingo(4)/?
Top Secret File Idol When played, only the person playing the idols would get to see all of the votes at Tribal Council AND they'd see who voted for who. ?/? ?/?
Mystery Idol Gives a penalty vote to whoever plays it. This idol may not be played on another player. Blue/? SplozoJames (3)^1 /?
Magnet Idol When played, whoever received the most votes at tribal will have all votes against them voided. This idol is voided in a tie. Ruby/? Prozach (1) /?
Zombie Idol This idol gets traded in for any one idol that was already played at a previous tribal council. Turquoise/? Boomske(4)/?

Mayhem Idol

When played, this idol throws out all of the votes previously cast and everybody must revote for somebody different. Idols may not be played during the revote (all previous idols played still apply) Alabaster/? Glinda (3)/?
Force Idol Playing this idol forces one player of your choice to play their idol (if person has multiple idols then person playing Force Idol chooses which one) ?/? ?/?
Split Idol This idol splits into 4 coins that void 1 vote each and can be played on the same, or different, people. All coins must be played at the same Tribal Council. ?/? ?/?
Mutiny Idol At Tribal Council whomever has the idol may play it on themselves (and only themselves) and they will join the other tribe. Any votes cast against them will not count. Lavender/ Lime BBlover96 (1)/ Melissa (3)
Fake Idol Nothing Yellow WrightNacho
Peek Idol Ability to look at one player's vote before votes are tallied, person whose vote was peeked at is locked and can not change. White Gaiaphage/Boomske

^1 = SplozoJames gave the idol to Gaiaphage before quitting and he played the idol on himself, incurring a penalty vote

Outcast Island

Once players are voted out they go to Outcast Island where they get a chance to try and rejoin the game by competiing against the tribes. If they beat both tribes the the tribes would vote somebody out and the Outcasts would vote 2 people in. If they beat one tribe then they'd vote one person in.

iNHABITANTS Time on O.I. Result
WrightNacho Day 2- Day 3 Joined the tribe to lose first Immunity Challenge at Tribal where 2 members were voted out.
Rumtin Day 4-10 Lost Outcast Challenge/ not voted to continue
Lukonia Day 4-10 Lost Outcast Challenge/ not voted to continue
Mmar Day 5-10 Lost Outcast Challenge/ not voted to continue
Ireks Day 8-10 Lost Outcast Challenge/ not voted to continue
Amf7410 Day 9-15 Lost Outcast Challenge/ voted to continue

Won Outcast Challenge/ not voted back into game

LoganWorm Day 9-15

Lost Outcast Challenge/ voted to continue
Won Outcast Challenge/ voted back into game

SkillzDatKillz Day 11-15

Won Outcast Challenge/ not voted into game

BBLover96 Day 12-15 Won Outcast Challenge/ not voted into game
WrightNacho Day 13-15 Won Outcast Challenge/ voted back into the game


Challenge Name Challenge Type/Prize Day Description Winner
"25 Points" Individual/Tribe Captain & First choice for Idol 1-2 Each person starts with 10 points. You get a point per mention in Mearl's blog (you can also get somebody to take a point away from you). Person closest to 25 without going over at designated end-time wins. Rumtin, Bingo21(2nd)
"Ranked" Tribal/Tribal Immunity 2-3 Each tribe chooses 3 people on other tribe and attempts to guess how they ranked the players. Chamorro (11-9)
"Tribal Chicken" Tribal/Tribal Immunity 4 Tribes are told of a task and keep outbidding each other on how much their tribe can do, until one tribe thinks the other tribe can not do what they say and they'll challenge them. If they are successful, they gain a point, if they are unsuccessful the other tribe gains a point. First to 5 wins. Chamorro
"Blocked" Triball/Tribal Immunity 5 There are five slots worth a different amount of points (10,20,30,40,&50). One at a time the tribes would shoot at one of the slots and try to score while the other tribe was able to block one slot and intercept one slot. If the Tribe blocked the slot no poitns were scores, if they intercepted then they would score the points and the offensive tribe would go again, if neither than the offenseive tribe would score. First to 250 would win. Lunastia (270-90)
"Connect 4" Tribal/Tribal Immunity 6 Tribes played a game of Connect 4. The challenge was 'non-live' as each tribe had 20 minutes to post their moves.


"Tribal Auction" Tribal/Rewards 8 This challenge had tribes work together by bidding on items that could be used to benefit the tribe. During the auction it was announced that both tribes would be going to tribal. The Chamorro Tribe received one gold coin each during this challenge which allowed them to void one vote against them at any Tribal to followl N/A
"Flag Finder" Tribal/Outcasts Return Potential 9 The goal of this challenge is to find all 15 of the flags hidden around Tengaged. The two tribes competed against the Outcasts. Any tribe the Outcasts beat would go to tribal and vote somebody out, while the Outcasts would vote somebody in. 1st-Chamorro (12 flags)
2nd-Lunastia (10 flags)
"Scavenger Hunt" Tribal/Tribal Immunity 10 The goal of this challenge was to get as many points as possible. There were 5 categories, each with its own point system, and tribes would get the designated points per person that commented on the blog that who fit a category. Lunastia (279-209)
"Ridiculous Challenge" Tribal/Tribal Immunity 11 This challenge was divided into two parts. The first part had the castaways attempt to unscramble words and then rearrange them to make a sentence that gave them instructions on what to do for Part 2. For Part 2 they had to get people to post the lyrics to Row, Row, Row Your Boat backwards, with each person only being able to post once. Lunastia
"Percentage Game" Tribal/Tribal Immunity 12 Each tribe was given a poll. The other tribe has to guess what percentage the people on the other tribe would get. The tribe with the best average (least amount of distances in their guess of average to actual average per person) would win immunity. The person with the highest percentage of the losing tribe would be immune from the vote. Chamorro
"White to TV" Tribal/Outcast Return Potential 13-14 Each tribe (and the Outcasts) would make a blog. The goal is to get people to post in color level order. Top Tribe would receive one coin each. Any tribe that lost to the Outcasts would vote somebody out while the Outcasts would vote somebody in. Outcasts
"Awareness of Surroundings" Individual/Individual Immunity Idol 16 The castaways were asked questions about Survivor:Idol Wars. They would mail me the answer, first person to mail it correct would gain a point. First two to 5 points moved on to the final round. Prozach
"Blog Mentions" Individual/Individual Immunity Idol 17-18 Players were required to make a blog and for every point that the blog received they would get 1 point. In addition they would get 5 points every time somebody mentioned "@Mearl". Boomske123
"Hourly Endurance" Individual/Individual Immunity Idol 20-21 Players were to post as many times as they could in a 24 hour period, only posting once per hour. Once an hour expired (since their last post) they could post again. Most posts in 24 hours wins, if it was a tie then whoever posted their last post earlier would win. Bingo21

"Word Ladder"

Individual/Individual Immunity Idol 21 Players were given two words and their job was to make the two words link by changing one letter at a time. Ex: FORK to BARE would be Fork-Fore-Fare-Bare. First two players to reach 3 points would move on to the finals and compete in a best-of-five set for the win. Prozach
"Survivor Auciton" Individual/Assorted Prizes & Individual Immunity Idol 22 Each castaway was given $500 and they were able to bid on items in increments of $20. The Auction would stop without warning and one item would be the Immunity Idol. Boomske123 (Immunity Idol)
??? Individual/Individual Immunity Idol 23 ??? ???


EPISODE 1- "Idol Power"

Days: 1-3

14 returnees came to Micronesia for another attempt to win Mearl's Survivor. The cast contained a previous winner, a runner-up, three-time players, early boots, and other favorites. Then the first obstacle was revealed: 7 new castaways. It was then revealed that the 21 castaways would be divided into 2 tribes of 10, with one person left over. The person left over would temporarily stay on Outcast Island where they would wait until the first tribal council; at this point they would join the losing tribe and 2 members would get voted out.

The first challenge was an individual challenge ("25 Points") that would determine Tribe Captains. The tribe captains would pick the first member of their tribe and then that chosen member would choose the next member and so on and so forth.

There was also a second twist: everybody in this game would receive an idol, but each idol would do something different. The challenge would also determine the order the castaways got to choose their idols, and idols would be divided so that each original tribe had one of each idol in it. The person without a tribe would receive a unique 11th idol.

It was also explained that anybody that did not rank the players and idols in the order they wanted them in the next 22 hours would be removed from the game and somebody else would take their place. Chipotledude and LindsayP fell victim to this and were replaced immediately by Glinda and Boomske123.

Once the challenge ended it was revealed that Sdriver999 was 1 post over the 25 limit which put her in last place. Rumtin had a perfect 25 and became the captain of Lunastia and Bingo21 finished in 2nd place and became the captain of Chamorro. After the selection was completed WrightNacho was left tribeless and went to Outcast Island.

In the first immunity challenge Epstar submited the answers for the Lunastia tribe early on while the Chamorro tribe submited their answers just minutes before the deadline, but came out victorious with an 11-9 win, thanks to Gaiaphage scoring 6 points off Rumtin's answers.

At the Lunastia camp...At tribal council WrightNacho joined the Lunastia tribe in a double-elimination. Each player received two votes and the top two vote getters would be eliminated. While a great majority cast their votes to see Prozach and BBlover go home the idol twist had a different idea. Bblover played a Mutiny idol and left the tribal council area before the votes were cast to go join the Chamorro tribe. Prozach also played an idol: the magnet idol, which meant whoever received the most votes would be immuned. Prozach also gave himself a self-vote to try and ensure that he'd be the one with the most votes, which he was. In the end Rumtin, who received just 3 of the 22 votes casted was the first person to be voted out of Survivor: Idol Wars and was shortly followed by Lukonia who was unanimously voted out (4-0) of a tie breaker between himself, Mmar, and JetteJ who all had only received 1 vote at tribal (Prozach did not vote in tie breaker). Both Lukonia and Rumtin headed to Outcast Island.

Epsiode 2 "Challenge Accepted"

Days 4-5

Having just voted out two members, and losing a third to a mutiny, the Lunastia tribe needed to find unity in order to turn the tables. At the Immunity Challenge the castaways competed in a game of 'Chicken'. This challenge tested how well each tribe thought they could do a challenge while the other tribe would challenge them if they thought the couldn't. A majority of the Chamorro tribe showed up at the challenge while only Boomske and WrightNacho were there for the whole challenge for Lunastia (with Amf and LoganWorm coming in midway).

The challenge showed that the castaways continously overestimated their abilities and after 4 challenges the score was tied 2-2 with not a single point coming from a successful attempt, but instead all points came from the other tribe failing. The final challenge tested how many plusses a tribe thought the could get my blog in 5 minutes. LoganWorm bid 30 points for the Lunastia tribe and was surprised when the Chamorro tribe accepted that challenge thinking it would be simple. However, the opposite proved true as the blog ended up to be over 150 points below zero and the number advantage that Chamorro had at the challenged proved to be a key to their success as they won their second straight immunity.

At the Lunastia camp...

At Tribal Council it was clear Prozach was on the block after the voting at last Tribal Council. He pleaded that he could help the team win, which is something that was desperately needed. Towards the end of Tribal Mmar expressed that he felt as if he wasn't giving the game his full effort and did not have the time to commit that he thought he would have had. However, when given the option to quit he chose to stay, only to be unanimously voted out (including a self-vote) hours later.

Episode 3 "Lunastia Unity" DOUBLE EPISODE

Days 5-8

Having just found a sense of unity at the last tribal council the Lunastia tribe went into the immunity challenge with the hopes of their first win. After a mishap on the challenge time, the challenge (which had a great deal of luck and numbers did not affect a tribe's chance of winning) started a couple hours late with 3 Lunastia members and 2 Chamorro members. The Lunastia tribe took an early lead in the challenge and finished strong with getting two late interceptions and winning their first immunity challenge.

At the Chamorro camp...

At Tribal Council there was talks that keeping the tribe strong was what the vote would be based off of. However, Glinda, who just returned from being banned, may have felt that mean she was the one being voted out so she played the Mayhem Idol which meant everybody had to revote and couldn't vote for the same person they did last time. In the revote, another idol was pulled from the box; Melissa played a mutiny idol and switched tribes. When the votes were revealed there was a 5-5 tie between Bingo21 and SkillzDatKillz, with one random vote going towards James. In yet another revote there was a 4-4 deadlock where rocks were pulled to determine who would leave. Sdriver999 pulled the only purple rock and was going to be sent to Outcast Island but SplozoJames decided he did not have time for the game and laid down his torch in her place.

At the next Immunity Challenge the Lunastia tribe showed to have it together once again as Prozach and DBWs outplayed Gaiaphage, Zbase, and BBlover in a game of Connect Four. At tribal council Gaiaphage played the idol that SplozoJames gave him before James left, only to find out that it gave a penalty vote to whomever played it. However, when the votes came down it was Ireks that got 6 of the 9 votes casted.

Episode 4 "Auction & Idols"

Days 8-9

The tribes gathered for the challenge to find an Auction-setting ready for them. The tribes seemed to take different approaches at the auction; Chamorro got some items early while it appeared Lunastia was holding their money for a third straight immunity. However, that immunity never came. Instead, during the auction, an individual immunity necklace came up to bid and it was announced that both tribes would be going to tribal that night. At the end of the auction the Chamorro tribe each won a gold coin, which could be used to nullify one vote cast against them if played, and an advantage at the next immunity challenge. JetteJ won the immunity necklace but it came with a note saying he must give it up to a member of the other tribe. Despite Gaia's plea for the necklace, Jette gave it to Glinda. Gaiaphage ended the night by bidding most of the tribe's funds in order to win a mysterious white idol for himself.

At the Lunastia tribal things seemed to revert back to the first tribal council and Prozach found himself on the outs. However, Boomske turned his zombie idol into a magnet idol and played it, which voided the majority of the votes against Prozach and lead to LoganWorm being blindsided.

At the Chamorro tribal Bingo feels in danger and plays his hidden immunity idol, keeping him safe from the vote. Zbase, not knowing that Bingo was playing his idol, played his gold coin on Bingo and BBlover played a gold coin on himself. Gaiaphage played both of the idols in his possession on himself; the future idol made him safe at the next tribal he would face while the White Idol to peek at, and lock, somebody's vote. However, when the votes came in, it was an unsuspecting Amf7410 who had the most votes, even before the idols/coins cancelled any votes.

Epsiode 5 "Outcast Outcome"

Days 9-10

The two tribes went to the immunity challenge to find out that they were not competing against each other, but instead they were competing against the Outcasts. Rumtin, Lukonia, Mmar, Ireks, Amf7410, and LoganWorm were playing for a chance to re-enter the game as, if they beat two tribes in they would vote two people back into the game and if they beat one tribe they would vote one back in; any tribe that lost to the Outcasts would vote one of their members out of the game.

The challenge required the tribes to solve riddles that led them to flags somewhere on the Tengaged website. The challenge was on until the very end when the Chamorro tribe claimed victory finding 12 flags while the Outcasts and the Lunastia tribe found 10 each, however, since the Lunastia tribe found more first they were safe from the vote.

In another twist, the Outcasts visited Tribal Council that night because, while they were not voting anybody back into the game, they were able to vote two people to continue with the game from Outcast Island where they would get another chance to return to the game. Each player voted for two people, other than themselves, and chose a first and second choice (first choice got 2 votes, 2nd choice got 1 vote). In the end LoganWorm and Amf7410 were voted to continue in the game, by a slim margin.

Episode 6 "Switching Things Up"

Days 10-11

The tribes met for a special announcment... everybody was to drop their buffs and pick new ones from a jar. The original tribes were split up almost evenly, though not planned, as three members left each tribe to join the four members of the other tribe.

At the Immunity Challenge teams needed to complete a scavenger hunt and find as many people as they could to fit the requirements listed. Lunastia seemed to win the challenge rather easily sending the new Chamorro tribe to Tribal Council. At tribal there was alot of talk of old tribal lines and who was in the minority. In the end, however, Skillz received 4 votes, meaning at least one person from the original Chamorro tribe flipped, and was sent home.

Episode 7 "But a Dream"

Days 11-12

The Immunity Challenge for this round required teams to descramble the words and then the sentence in order to form a command which they would use for step 2. The command told teams to make a blog and to have different people post the lyrics, in reverse order, of Row, Row, Row Your Boat. The Chamorro tribe fell behind early in the challenge, taking nearly twice as long (well over 20 minutes) as the Lunastia tribe. However, the Chamorro tribe found a loophole in the system as the lyrics for Row Row Row Your Boat must be perfectly right so they started posting in a completed Lunastia blog. However, Gaiaphage filtered out the Chamorro tribe, and finally won the challenge after multiple erred blogs.

At tribal council Epstar preached on tribal unity and forgetting old tribal lines. The tribe talked about needing to vote base on what would help them in the challenges. When it was time to vote BBlover played a force idol (given to him by Zbase) on Epstar, causing him to play his Split Idol on himself (negating 4 votes). When the votes were read it was announced that there was a 3-3 tie between Prozach and BBlover. However, in the revote, one player swapped their vote from Prozach to Bblover which made BBlover the next member to join Outcast Island.

Episode 8 "Poll Box Percentage"

Days 12-13

For the Immunity Challenge each team was given a poll and their job was to try and guess what the final percentages would be for the other tribe. Whoever got the greatest percentage, individually, on the losing tribe would be immune from the vote. Each team's final score would be the difference between each player's real percentage and their guessed percentage and divided by the number of players on the team (since Chamorro was down two members). In the end Gaiaphage's guesses were not enough and Glinda, who wanted to remain anonymous at first, gave Chamorro it's first win since the Tribal Swap.

At Tribal Gaiaphage was immuned since he had the greatest percentage of the vote in the poll, meaning that his future idol usage would be used at his next vulnerable tribal council. While the tribes looked to be split down the middle between original Chamorro members versus original Lunastia members, with MelissaSinclair in the middle, the vote was a little more unified. After Sdriver used a coin on herself her Top Secret File Idol (JetteJ played his future idol as well) only the person with the most votes were read; WrightNacho received every vote but one, including getting a self vote, which JetteJ soon publicly announced that he voted for Sdriver.

Episode 9 "Last Chance to Return" Days 13-15

The tribes entered the Immunity Challenge expecting to compete against one another but were surprised to find out that it was an Outcast Challenge. Many thought the merge would come at 10 but then speculated that the merge would follow the outcome of the Outcast Challenge. The challenge required teams to get people to post in color order in a blog they made, while the returning teams were given an incentive that went against this goal; if they took away points from their group then they would be put into a lottery where three idols would be given out.

When the challenge results came in the Outcasts easily defeated both tribes while only 3 people opted to take the penalty and go for the idol. The Chamorro tribe unanimously voted out Zbase, as he seemed to be one of the two in the minority. At the Lunastia Tribal, there was also a rather unanimous decision as MelissaSinclair received all the non-self votes. The Outcasts voted two members back in by giving 2 votes to their first choice and one vote to their second choice; the first person voted back in was WrightNacho who received five of the fifteen possible votes and LoganWorm received four votes to be the second returnee, nearly beating out Skillz and Amf who each received 3 votes.

Episode 10 "The Plot Thickens"

Days 15-17

The two members voted back into the game joined the other nine players where they were told to drop their buffs. They were to pick new buffs from the vase, however, all the buffs were the Green of the Merged Tribe, which the castaways later named the Terra Tribe. At the first Individual Immunity Challenge, a game-changing twist was announced; there was no individual immunity necklace in this game, but instead they were competing for an individual immunity idol that must be played at the next Tribal but would be played after the votes were cast. Another twist was also announced; a new Diamond Idol was hidden at camp and the players all received the same clue to start looking for it. The first challenge required players to answer questions about the game and the first two players to score five points moved on to the final round for a best-of-five series to determine the winner. After Prozach and Boomske advanced to the finals both players turned down a clue to the location of Diamond Idol and chose to continue fighting for immunity. On the last possible question neither player knew the answer but Prozach managed to guess it first, winning the first Individual Immunity Idol.

At Tribal Council the castways had different opinions on how the individual immunity idol could change the game, but in the end Prozach decided to play the idol on himself to ensure his safety. Original tribal lines seemed to play a role as Gaiaphage played a coin on himself thinking that the votes may go his way. However, whent he votes were revealed, it was Sdriver that was voted out and became the first member of the jury.

Episode 11 "Ciao Chamorro"

Days 17-19

While hope may have seemed dim for the remaining original Chamorro members it was clear that Immunity could play a big role in keeping themselves, and perhaps protect multiple people if the idol was played right. The Immunity Challenge had the survivors make blogs and try to get points and mentions. After the long challenge it came down between Bingo, who got a lot of support since it was his birthday, and Boomske. However, in the end, Boomske won Immunity by a slight margin over Bingo, which left the original Chamorro members vulnerable.

At camp...

At Tribal Council, Gaiaphage and Bingo felt that they were in the minority and that it would perhaps be Bingo's time to go. After the votes were tallied Boom announced he would be playing his idol on himself, however the biggest twist came when Gaiaphage announced that he was playing an Individual Immunity Idol that he had won in the recent Outcast Challenge... and he'd be playing the idol on Bingo. When the votes were read Bingo had 3 votes cast against him nullified but it was Gaiaphage who received the majority(5) of the votes and he was sent packing having just kept his ally in the game.

Episode 12 "Who Wants it Most"

Days 19-21

Having just narrowly escaping elimination, Bingo knew that he had to win the Immunity Challenge if he wanted to secure his spot in this game. The challenge was an endurance challenge that would last 24 hours and ran through July 4th. Each castaway would try to post once an hour (no sooner) for as many hours as they could within that 24 hour time frame and whoever had the most posts at the end of time would win. At the end of the challenge Bingo showed how bad he wanted it and astonishingly posted the maximum 23 posts to win the challenge. During the challenge DBWs dropped out for a Golden Coin Vote at the next tribal, which was later revealed that his vote at the next tribal would not count against the person he voted for, but instead it would take a vote away from them.

At Tribal Council many people felt on edge. Since Bingo was assumingly immune the only other original Chamorro member was Glinda. Bingo decided to play it safe and used his idol on himself, but once the idol box was opened it was clear that he was not the only person playing an idol. Prozach played a split idol, which he won at the recent Outcast challenge and split the 4 coins between himself and Boomske, using 3 of them on himself. When the votes were read it was shown that Prozach's idol play worked as it cancelled three of the four votes against him which lead to JetteJ getting voted out having only received three of the 8 votes. DBWs voted for Boomske, who did not receive any votes despite having the Golden Coin Vote and a Split Idol Coin played on him.

Voting History


IDOL WARS Original Tribes Tribal Swap
Episode # 1 2 3a 3b 4 5 6 7 8 9
Eliminated Rumtin & TIE
Lukonia (4-0)
Mmar (8-0) Mayhem Idol Played ^2
Votes Voided/Revote
Bingo & Skillz
DEADLOCK Ireks (6-3-1^5 ) Amf7410
NO VOTE SkillzDatKillz
BBlover & Prozach
BBlover (3-1)
Bingo21  ?  ? TIE  ?  ? WrightNacho Melissa
Gaiaphage  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? WrightNacho Melissa
Sdriver999  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? WrightNacho S.V.
Glinda  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ? ? Zbase
JetteJ ? & ? TIE Mmar ?^7 ? Sdriver Melissa
Epstar59 ? & ? Lukonia Mmar ? ? ? ? Zbase
DBWs ? & ? Lukonia Mmar ? WrightNacho Melissa
Prozach  ? & S.V. No-Vote Mmar Logan ? BBlover TIE Zbase
Boomske123  ? & ? Lukonia Mmar ? ? ? ? Zbase
WrightNacho  ? & ? Lukonia Mmar ? S.V. Outcast Island
LoganWorm ? & ? Lukonia Mmar Prozach Outcast Island
Zbase4  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ? ? ? Glinda
MelissaSinclair  ?  ? ^4 ? WrightNacho S.V.
BBlover96 ? & ? ^2  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ? Prozach TIE Outcast Island
SkillzDatKillz  ?  ? TIE  ?  ? ? Outcast Island
Amf7410  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Outcast Island
Ireks  ?  ?  ?  ? Outcast Island
SplozoJames50  ?  ?  ? ^5
Mmar  ? & ? TIE S.V. Outcast Island
Lukonia  ? & ? TIE Outcast Island
Rumtin  ? & ? Outcast Island

Chamorro- Gold
^1 =Prozach played a magnet idol that voided all of the majority votes
^2 = BBlover switched tribes at Tribal Council Episode 1 by using the Mutiny Idol
^3 = Glinda played Mayhem Idol so all votes were thrown out and players must revote by voting for a different player then they did originally
^4 = Melissa switched tribes at Tribal Council (before the revote) by using the Mutiny Idol
^5 = Sdriver picks the purple rock after the deadlock but SplozoJames resigns from the game in her place
^6 = Gaiaphage played the Mystery Idol that gave him a penalty vote
^7 =JetteJ won the power to vote at the opposing tribe's Tribal Council during the Tribal Auction

Finishing Order

Under Construction. Total Votes Update through Prozach's Elimination


Original Tribe Mutiny Tribe Tribe Swap Merged Tribe Voted Out Outcast Island Finish Total Votes
Rookie, Yellow
Lunastia 1st Out
Day 4
Day 4- Day 10 21st 3
Veteran (S2), Green
Lunastia 2nd Out
Day 4
Day 4- Day 10 20th 1
Veteran (S2), Brown
Lunastia 3rd Out
Day 5
Day 5- Day 10 19th 9
Rookie, Blood
Chamorro Quit
Day 7
18th 1
Veteran (S2), Gold
Chamorro 5th Out
Day 8
Day 8- Day 10 17th 6
Veteran (S3), Gold
Chamorro 6th Out
Day 9
Day 9-15 16th 3
Veteran (S3), Red
Chamorro Chamorro 8th Out
Day 10
Day 11-15 15th 10
Veteran (S3), Yellow
Lunastia Chamorro Chamorro 9th Out
Day 11
Day 12-15 14th 12(4)
Veteran (S1), Gold
Chamorro Lunastia Lunastia 11th Out
Day 15
13th 6(5)
Veteran (S3), Green
Chamorro Chamorro 12th Out
Day 15
12th 4
Rookie, Silver
Chamorro Lunastia Terra 13th Out
Day 17
11th 7(6)
Veteran (S2), Brown
Chamorro Lunastia Terra 14th Out
Day 19
10th 12
Rookie, Yellow
Lunastia Lunastia Terra 15th Out
Day 21
9th 5
Veteran (S3), Orange
Chamorro Lunastia Terra 16th Out
Day 22
8th 15(9)
Rookie, Green
Lunastia Terra 7th Out
Day 9 &
17th Out
Day 23
Day 9-15 7th 7(6)
Veteran (S2), Yellow
(Day 3)
Lunastia Terra 10th Out
Day 12
19th out
Day 25
Day 13- Day 15 5th 9(8)
Veteran (S1/S2), Yellow
Chamorro Chamorro Terra Finalist
Day 29
1st 17(7)
Rookie, Brown
Lunastia Lunastia Terra Finalist
Day 29
3rd 2
Veteran (S1/S2), Orange
Lunastia Chamorro Terra 18th Out
Day 24
6th 36(15)
Veteran (S2), Blue
Lunastia Chamorro Terra 20th Out
Day 27
4th 3
Rookie, Green
Lunastia Chamorro Terra Finalist
Day 29
2nd 2(1)

(All of the total votes do not include revotes, but only include votes that are cast against castaways, not for them)
(If applicable, parenthesis next to the Total votes show how many votes actually counted against them as some may have been voided by idols and/or coins).