Mearl Islands

Season 5: Mearl Islands Logo

Tribes- The Shii-Devils (TSD) & The Bad Bitches (TBB)

Finishing Order:

18th- TylerKeith (TSD) (voted out at a TBB tribal)

17th- Manalord (TBB)

16th/15th- Caliboy (TBB)

16th/15th- l0_0l (TSD)

14th- Noeh (TBB)- Quit

13th- Chlltownofcourse (TSD)

12th- Gametime (TBB)


11th- Manipulation

10th- WrightNacho (Idol of Death was played)

9th- Joeker

8th- Ghoul

7th- Rstar51

6th- Rebelman2227 (purple rock)

5th- Remajakl

4th- Aiwfwyattroh- Quit

Runner ups- Js21 & Joshg222 (1 vote each in finals)

Winner- Gaiaphage (6 votes in final)


Started off with 2 tribes of 8. Manipulation and Js won first challenge and were tribe leaders. Each person picked somebody they didn't want on their tribe to go join the other tribe. Manipulation and Js also had to choose another player to join the game or they'd face tribal council. Manipulation chose Noeh and Js chose Gaiaphage.


At each tribal the winning tribe would send one member of the losing tribe (tribe leader selected who) to join the other tribe and participate in the tribal. This member would receive a one time use idol for that tribal and (unknown to others) would receive a clue to the hidden idol. This member would also get the choice on whether to return back to their tribe or stay with their new tribe. At the first tribal, TylerKeith gave this idol to Caliboy and got blindsided and voted out.

At merge it was revealed that there would be no individual immunity necklace, but instead they'd be playing for an idol that can be used through final 5 tribal.

Idol of Death- At an auction players had the opportunity to bid on items including the Idol of Death. This idol meant that instead of reading the votes at a tribal that one voting ballot would be randomly read and whoever's name appeared on it would go home.