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This season featured 20 returning players and 4 new players divided equally into 4 tribes of 6. This season took place on Henderson Island which is located in the Pitcairn Islands. The castaways were to live at two camps: Pini Palva and Tapau Malai, each camp had its own unique twist. The Pini Palva camp would have a member of the winning tribe visit their Tribal Council every time they lost, and the visitor would come with an idol that was good for that tribal only. The Tapau Malai camp would receive a gold coin each time they won a challenge.

Original TribesEdit

At the first Immunity Challenge it was announced that there weren't two tribes call Pini Palva and Tapau Malia, but four tribes called Pini, Palva, Tapau, and Malai. Each twist would live at their camp only. The losing tribe per camp (Tapau Malai camp or Pini Palva camp) would go to tribal and both vote out a member.

Pini Palva Tapau Malai
Zbase4 Prozach Amf7410 DBWs
Gaiaphage Glinda Saxonmath Ninja41
Lukonia Rumtin Rebelman2227 Ireks
Sarge455 WrightNacho MadScientist Manipulation
Tundra Joeker 01Gohan PatriciaSigmond
Steel Black0ut Bradyman7 Yswimmer96

Redemption IslandEdit

The first four people voted out at both camps would face Redemption Island, where one competition would determine which two people would return to the game (one from each original camp). The further you made it in the game the better of a chance you had of returning due to an advantage given. Sarge, the first person voted out of Pini (also first out of Pini Palva), was able to beat out Lukonia, Joeker, and Glinda to return. Yswimmer, the third person voted out of Malai (fourth voted out of Tapau Malai) used his advantage to help him beat out Ireks, Manipulation, and Bradyman to return to the game

First MergeEdit

Upon the conclusion of Redemption Island the two returnees switched camps. There was also an offer on the table that if two people from different camps could agree to switch then they would switch spots. Gaiaphage, knowing he was on the bottom Pini switched with PatriciaSigmond of Malai, whose tribe was down in numbers entering the merge.

It was then announced, at the next immunity challenge, that they weren't playing against the other camp but against themselves and that they would both be going to Tribal Council and voting off a member. The immunity challenge was for a 'one time use idol' which could only be used at the next tribal, but could be played on yourself or anybody else after the votes were cast. Also, anybody voted out in this phase of the game would join Idol Island.

Below are the tribes during this merge. Original Tribe is in parenthesis.

Pini Palva Tapau Malai
Prozach (Palva) Amf7410 (Tapau)
Rumtin (Palva) Saxonmath (Tapau)
WrightNacho (Palva) MadScientist (Tapau)
Black0ut (Palva) 01Gohan (Tapau)
Zbase4 (Pini) Rebleman2227 (Tapau)
Steel (Pini) DBWs (Malai)
Tundra (Pini) Ninja41 (Malai)
PatriciaSigmond (Malai) Gaiaphage (Pini)
Yswimmer (Malai/Redemption) Sarge455 (Pini/Redmeption)

Idol IslandEdit

Upon being voted out of the merged part of the game, the eliminated castaways would enter Idol Island with one final chance of returning to the game. This game would be played like the merged portion of Survivor; the castaways would have a chance to win an immunity necklace at the challenge and then would face tribal council and vote somebody off. However, each person would start Idol Island with an Immunity Idol. Idol Island would start after four people were on the island and after each tribal council they would vote one person out, but they would typically be joined by two new people (since both tribes were going to tribal). The final 2 would return to the game. Idols could be used through the final 4.

Rebelman resigned from the game during the second Tapau Malai Tribal Council and was replaced on Idol Island by a former finalist, Rstar51.

At the final 10 in the main game it was announced that the next tribal would only have 1 tribe attending and for the first, and only, time Tapau Malai would square off against Pini Palva. Pini Palva lost and Zbase chose to resign from the game and did not compete on Idol Island.

Sarge, who was voted right back out upon returning to the game, was the only person to use his idol at the first tribal council until the final 4. Since everybody else had an idol at the Final 4 if Sarge did not win the immunity necklace (which supersedes the idol) then he would be voted out automatically due to everybody else playing their idols. However, Sarge claimed victory in that challenge.

Rstar won the final immunity and chose to bring Sarge back into the game with him over Rumtin.

Final MergeEdit

The remaining 9 people merged and were joined by the two returners from Idol Island. They would compete in immunity challenges for one-time-use immunity idols, valid only at the following tribal council. Everybody voted out from here on out would be part of the jury.

The final 11 members were: Prozach, Tundra, Steel, Blackout, Gaiaphage, MadScientist, 01Gohan, DBWs, Ninja41, Rstar51, and Sarge455.

Below are a list of the final rounds in a nutshell.

Round Immunity Winner Voted Off Notes
Final 11 Sarge455 Prozach With Pini Palva down in numbers, Prozach had a hidden immunity idol and played it on Steel, thinking he was in danger of leaving. However, had he played it on himself, or if Tundra didn't flip, MadScientist would have been the one to leave.
Final 10 N/A Steel

The final 10 and 9 tribal councils happened back-to-back. The castaways would cast one vote in two different urns and the urns would be read separetly. The person voted off at the first half would not have their vote read in the second half. Also, any votes cast against somebody voted off in the first half would not count. There were two one-time-use idols given away at the auction and the holders chose which of the two tribals to use their idols on. Sarge won a poision necklace which kept him safe at both tribals, but meant he could not compete it the following two tribal councils.

A hidden idol would offer the player safety at both tribals. Steel won a clue to the idol and was able to locate the idol. However, when the time came he felt safe enough and chose not to play it.

Final 9 Ninja41 and Tundra Black0ut The Tapau Malai alliance, with Tundra, split their votes at both tribals against Black0ut and Steel. At the second tribal some of the TM split their votes on Tundra.
Final 8 Gaiaphage Tundra After flipping at merge, Tundra could not penetrate the alliance and was voted out in a near-unanimous vote. Gaiaphage voted with him, as he did with some of the previous voted out members, in order to try and win their jury votes.
Final 7 Ninja41 01Gohan Gaiaphage once again voted with Gohan while the rest of the tribe voted to send him packing.
Final 6 Gaiaphage MadScientist Mad was voted out unanimously
Final 5 DBWs Sarge455 Ninja left for a trip to Mexico and decided to piggy-back off Gaiaphage's vote for the next two tribals.
Final 4 Rstar51 DBWs DBWs was voted out in a 3-1 vote

Final Tribal CouncilEdit

Votes to Win

Gaiaphage Rstar51 Ninja41
01Gohan DBWs
Prozach Sarge455

Finishing OrderEdit

---Lost Redemption Island---
24- Manipulation (Malai)
23- Joeker (Palva)
22- Ireks (Malai)
21- Bradyman (Tapau)
20- Lukonia (Pini)
19- Glinda (Palva)
X- Rebelman2227 (Tapau/ Tapau Malai)- QUIT (Replaced by Rstar51)
---Voted Out on Idol Island---
18th- Yswimmer96 (Malai/Pini Palva)
17th- PatriciaSigmond (Malai/Pini Palva)
16th- Saxonmath (Tapau/Tapau Malai)
15th- Zbase4 (Pini/Pini Palva)
14th- WrightNacho (Palva/Pini Palva)
13th- Amf7410 (Tapau/Tapau Malai)
12th- Rumtin (Palva/ Pini Palva)
11th- Prozach (Palva/PP/TP)
10th- Steel (Pini/PP/TP)
9th- Black0ut247 (Palva/PP/TP)
8th-Tundra (Pini/PP/TP)
7th- 01Gohan (Tapau/TM/TP)
6th- MadScientist (Tapau/TM/TP)
5th- Sarge455 (Pini/TM/Idol/TP)
4th- DBWS (Malai/TM/TP)
3rd- Ninja41 (Malai/TM/TP)- 0 Votes
2nd- Rstar51 (Idol/TP)- 2 Votes
1st- Gaiaphage (Pini/TM/TP)- 5 Votes