Survivor SouthAfrica

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South Africa was the 9th installment of Mearl's Survivor series and took place in January and Februrary of 2013. 

After 8 great seasons of Survivor there have been a lot of returning players. However, this season only one player has returned. Winner of Season 8 and three time finalist, Ninja41! However, 17 new players stand between him and claiming victory once again. In a season with fewer twists than seen in previous seasons, who can manage a great social, physical, and strategical game to get themselves to the end and be seen as worthy enough to win? On the beaches of South Africa stand 18 castaways, but there can only be 1 Survivor!


18th: Jag0827 (Sotho) (5-1) 17th: Missalice3 (Sotho) (3(0)-2) 16th- Jakebell (Afrikaaner) (4-1-1) 15th- Flamergamer8 (Afrikaaner) (4-1) 14th- Cflo (Sotho) (3-1) 13th- Ninja41 (Xosa) (4-2) ---MERGE & JURY--- 12th- Survivor_Tyler (Xosa/Umtata) (8-1-1-1) 11th- BassAbsol (Xosa/Umtata) (5-3-1-1) 10th- IceIcebaby (Sotho/Umtata) (7-1-1) 9th- Mysterygame2 (Sotho/Umtata) (3(0)-2(0)-1*-1) 8th- Chantra1 (Xosa/Umtata) (5-3) 7th- BigBrotherfan132 (Afrikaaner/Umtata) (3*-3) 6th- Soxroks247 (Afrikaaner/Umtata) (3-2) *Golden Vote* 5th- Muffinman (Xosa/Umtata) (3-1) 4th- Ofl1998 (Sotho/Umtata) (2-1) 3rd- AlanDuncan (Afrikaaner/Umtata) 0 votes in finals 2nd- Snowgirl57 (Xosa/Umtata) 2 votes in finals 1st- Lifer107 (Afrikaaner/Umtata) 6 votes in finals